Dance Sensation Dance Academy


2019-2020 TUITION PLAN
Dance Sensation Dance Academy's tuition plan is broken down into affordable monthly payments. Tuition is due within the first week of every month - we ask that all members of the studio adhere to this rule so that we may not enforce a strict late fee policy. If there is any problem or concern with monthly payment please schedule an appointment with the school's artistic director as soon as possible.


Individual Plan
45 min. Class $47.00/mth
1hr Class $50.00/mth
 1 1/2 hr Class $75.00/mth
 Two 1 hr Classes $98.00/mth
Three 1 hr Classes $144.00/mth
 Unlimited 1 hr Classes $188.00/mth
 *4 or more classes per student is considered unlimited*
*Unlimited lessons and individual student scheduling is at the discretion of Miss Susan*
*Individual plan is subject to change if student is taking 
1 1/2 hr classes or 1 3/4 hour classes*


*All students taking unlimited lessons must have at least 
2 years of ballet*

Dance Sensation Dancer: Miss Kathleen Flaccomio

Dance Sensation Dancer: Miss Kalyse Evans


Family Plan
Two 1 hr Classes $98.00/mth
Three 1 hr Classes $144.00/mth
Four 1 hr Classes $188.00/mth
Five 1 hr Classes $232.00/mth
Six 1 hr Classes $276.00/mth
Seven 1 hr Classes $320.00/mth
Eight 1 hr Classes = Unlimited lessons for two students $364.00/mth
*Unlimited lessons for two students is over a 15% discount*
Twelve 1 hr Classes = Unlimited lessons for three students $450/mth

*Unlimited lessons for three students is over a 20% discount*


Private Lessons
Private lesson (45 min.) $60.00/mth
Semi private lesson (45 min.) $50.00/mth

$60.00 plus over 10% discount on unlimited month lessons ($225.00)
$120.00 plus over %20 discount on unlimited month lessons ($268.00)
follow same discounts

A ONE-TIME ONLY non-refundable $20.00 registration fee is due upon the first class of each family registering as a part of Dance Sensation Dance Academy.
Dance Sensation's tuition plan is based on a ten month year (following the school year calendar).  The year's tuition may be paid in full if desired..  Monthly tuition is due at the student's first lesson of each new month.
Dance Sensation accepts cash, credit/debit cards* and checks made payable to 
"Dance Sensation"
Dance Sensation does not give refunds for missed classes.  As a courtesy of Dance Sensation, each class and level is provided with a set scheduled "make-up" class of the same dance style.

*percentage fees apply when using credit/ debit cards


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